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Jakub Kozłowski | A 1.00000000000001x engineering blog


Here's a list of all the talks I've given to date, with slides and videos if available.

Let's build an IDE!2023slidescoderecording
Adventures in the land of Language Servers2023slidesrecording
Pain-free APIs with Smithy4s2023slidesslides (PL)recording
Things I didn't want to know about JVM bytecode but learned anyway2022slides
Nix for Scala folks2022slides
Connecting the dots - building and structuring a functional application in Scala2021slidesrecording
Irresistible party tricks with cats-tagless2020slidesrecording
Keep your sanity with compositional tracing2020slidesrecording
Introduction to interruption2019slidesrecording
A sky full of streams2019slidesrecording
Flawless testing for the functional folks2019slidesrecording
A server is just a function: introduction to http4s2019slidesrecording 1recording 2
Conquering concurrency with functional programming2019slidesrecording 1recording 2
Lightweight, functional microservices with http4s and doobie2019slidesrecording
Incremental purity2018slides
Typelevel alchemist2018slides
Legacy code from day one2018slidesrecording
Fantastic monads and where to find them2017/2018slidesrecording 1recording 2
7 sins of a Scala beginner2016/2017slidesrecording 1recording 2
Macro sourcery2016slidesrecording 1recording 2