Here’s a list of all the talks I’ve given to date, with slides and videos if available.

Irresistible party tricks with cats-tagless 2020 slides recording  
Keep your sanity with compositional tracing 2020 slides recording  
Introduction to interruption 2019 slides recording  
A sky full of streams 2019 slides recording  
Flawless testing for the functional folks 2019 slides recording  
A server is just a function: introduction to http4s 2019 slides recording 1 recording 2
Conquering concurrency with functional programming 2019 slides recording 1 recording 2
Lightweight, functional microservices with http4s and doobie 2019 slides recording  
Incremental purity 2018 slides    
Typelevel alchemist 2018 slides    
Legacy code from day one 2018 slides recording  
Fantastic monads and where to find them 2017/2018 slides recording 1 recording 2
7 sins of a Scala beginner 2016/2017 slides recording 1 recording 2
Macro sourcery 2016 slides recording 1 recording 2